How Important Is It?

- Very. When it comes to circular, slow fashion, we'll do anything to improve the conscious mind in fashion.

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Simply Yours ...

At Nôrd by Nôrd we believe in circularity - we believe in a long life of a fashion piece, a life carried with love and joy.

How do you carry yourself with love and joy - and do you need a bag along your journey?

I carry it around, I carry it everywhere, because to me, bags mean freedom - I can have all my most precious belongings in it, and I can go anywhere. That's why I design bags. To me, bags are freedom.

Nôrd by Nôrd was an incredible experience! Love the brand, the ethic, the fabrics, the delivery process, the design, everything!! Definitely the best bag I've ever purchased.

You know, most of these days, a bag is my home - I need a great home. A home of quality and space. A featherly light one, if possible. I can't believe no one ever came up with Netflix for bags before.

Not only are their quality top-nutch and their styles beautiful and timeless - they have also made it possible to buy a bag that is part of a larger circular system.

Thank you Nôrd by Nôrd for showing the way, and for being lucky enough to get an insight of your way of thinking.

I love that the Nôrd by Nôrd bags just get more beautiful with time!