In Brief

From DKK 120 per month, you’ll have access to products from our Core Collection, and from DKK 220 per month, you’ll have access to products from our Exclusive Collection, from which you can easily change to a different products as you feel a desire for something new or just a change of needs.

We also offer packs in the Exclusive Collection, where you can combine products within the same subscription. The product or products, you no longer use, we’ll take back. After our quality check and cleaning, the bags are ready for another conscious customer.

If you have a subscription at Nôrd by Nôrd, you can change the product every month.


A fashion consumer grows in their mindset and perspective all the time. This means a great cost on the fashion industry and the people involved. The result is often a one-time purchase for a trend or a season, which will later be forgotten and thrown out. At Nôrd by Nôrd, we don’t see the point in this sort of waste. And frankly, we don’t think it’s smart – or conscious – business. We take part in changing the fashion industry to become more conscious.

This is why, we offer a subscription solution for the consumers with a desire for a change every now and then, or just that great feeling of having something new. Although the product has been in use with other conscious consumers, we make sure the quality and cleanliness are kept intact. This is an alliance between all conscionists to nurture this trust- and share-based relationship.

How It Works

When subscribing to our services, it’s entirely up to you, where you want to start. Chose the collection best fit for you – Core Collection, Exclusive Collection or Packs – and make the order. We’ll then deliver your product along with a return label, so shipping is included. When changing to a new product, you simply inform us through email: giving us a copy of your latest receipt, the product (product name) you want to change to, and when you’d like to receive it. Upon receival, you send us back the old product with the return label, and you can enjoy your new one. For convenience all swaps are made at our partner pakkeshops throughout Denmark.

If you’d like to change your old product with one in another collection, simply unsubscribe from your current subscription, and change to the new one. Upon receival, it’s the same; you send us back the old product with the return label.  


Insurance Is included in the price, and guards the good relationship between all parties as accidents do happen. The purpose of the insurance is to provide a safety net in case a product gets damaged beyond repair.


It is appreciated if you take good care of the product(s) in your custody, but you don’t have to clean the product when sending it back to us – we’ll take care of that. Just enjoy the benefits of a circular fashion bag – and if you change your mind, you can cancel your subscription any time and send us back the bag, no questions asked.

Cleaning And Quality

Every product is checked for damage, and wear and tear. If we don’t approve the product for another round in the loop, we disassemble it and upcycle it to new products – some under our own brand for market sales, some for other local business with circular business models.

If the product is approved for being used by another customer, we send it to our dry cleaner, which is Svanemærket. Svanemærket means, that it cleans the product with consideration on the environment, which takes a great part of our values.

Compare it with other ways you rent stuff – hotels, cars and even vintage clothing. To us, it’s all the same and is a great benefit for conscious consumption.

The Everyday Life Of A Bag

Follow suggestions on our product pages, which all describe how you can contribute to making your bag last as long as possible. Oftentimes, it doesn’t take more than a damp cloth to clean your product, but you’re always welcome to contact us for further questions.