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Statement of Purpose

To spread the message of conscious consumption and make it so clear, that it will stay in the mindset in everything that we do.
So how do we go about it?



How do you feel about fashion?
What about fast fashion?
Again we ask: why?
Do you know what your things are made from?
Do you know how… and by whom?
What about what happens to your items when you are done with them?
Do you care?
We do.


About Nôrd by Nôrd

Nôrd by Nôrd is a fashion company designing high quality, nordic and minimalistic hand crafted bags made from skin, fur and leather as well as the vegan material Piñatex. The brand is born in Manchester, England, as the designers, Jeanette Honoré and Lotte Winther met there during their studies. Hereafter based in Aarhus, Denmark. The designs are all made from by-products. The basic idea is to make bags for life, prevent waste and embrace slow fashion. This idea came, as the designers were both distanced to the concept of fast fashion, the massive plastic production, the ignorance of how the fashion industry often works and its domination of the West. To provide men and women with beautiful bags made from core values as love, balance and reflection.



Nôrd by Nôrd's vision is a collaborating fellowship between designers and consumers over sustainable processes, products and habits. Balance between, what we want and what we need, so that the mission becomes a reality and is being passed on, on a daily basis. 
We want to aid in the change of this mindset when consuming, both towards our suppliers but also our customers. We intend to provide our customers with an alternative to mass produced bags made from skins, leathers and furs and help them make informed and conscious choices when shopping.