Nôrd by Nôrd - CSR


Sustainability is a broad term, and as a company, we take the responsibility of being transparent in our way of implementing sustainability upon us. The future will bring change, and we will continue redefining ourselves as we grow along with it.

Our sustainable areas are the following;

  • Design process: We work with upcycled fashion. Whereas the classic process, which we, ourselves, have been taught, is extremely time and resource consuming, ours is quite the opposite. We have turned the process upside down and upcycle from what by- or waste products we have, so that a solution for minimising waste is designed — and crafted into new fashion products.
  • Closing our loop: As we, like every other production, have waste materials, we upcycle these as well, for example by crafting key hangers and other smaller products.
  • Consciously chosen materials: The materials we can’t get as by- or waste products are organic, and the rest of the materials for the production are at a minimum from local suppliers.
  • Consciously chosen suppliers: At the moment, only the vegan leather from Pinatex from Great Britain and Indonesia are shipped from abroad - our primary leather supplier is local Sorensen Leather, and other than that, we ride our bikes between our suppliers.
  • Slow fashion: We design exclusively with a slow fashionable mindset. This includes good quality, clean environment, less consumption, and more conscious purchases as well as the awareness about how and where the product is made. Slow fashion products are usually known for being timeless and simple, and designed to accompany the consumer for years — because of that, it is rarely, or not at all influenced by trends.
  • Circularity: Besides from our Simply Share subscription, where products are being shared rather than used and tossed, all Nôrd by Nôrd’s products are designed for disassembly in the spirit of circular economy. Our design process show that we value what would’ve gone to waste and see potential, even if you as a customer grow tired of your Nôrd by Nôrd products — thus, we offer to take back any Nôrd by Nôrd product for 10 percent of the original sales price, regardless of the time of purchase. All we need is your name and a copy of the invoice.
  • UN’s Sustainable Development Goals: With our mission, vision and sustainable approach, we aim to meet several of UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, among them sustainable consumption and production, action to combat climate change and partnership for sustainable development, decent work and economic growth, industry, innovation and infrastructure, ending poverty and hunger, ensuring healthy lives and promote well-being as well as equitable qualitative education — these in our vision about social innovation by outsourcing sustainably and emphatically.


In brief; we want to feel good about BEING, by LIVING and by ENJOYING — and as we have found our solution, we wish to pass it on.