Nôrd by Nôrd - Design


All Nôrd by Nôrd’s products are practical with respect to each style’s purpose. The bags are spacious and in fine quality, so that with the right treatment and care they can be used for several years. It is very important that the values love, balance and reflection are dominating in the brand. The consumer is conscious and cares about slow fashion, great design and great quality. Also, the uniqueness is a main factor, as no bags are similar – not even if it’s the same design. Every piece of skin or fur has its own story, which makes every product original and unique. All Nôrd by Nôrd’s products are labelled with the brand’s characteristic ô, which as a compass with an arrow is pointing North and symbolises the company’s Nordic roots. The colours in each collection are chosen with care and with a ’red thread’ throughout the whole collection. It is important that there’s something for everyone; whether one is into the simple, the mixed or the more ’showy’ mix of shades and colours. All products are made in Denmark, where Nôrd by Nôrd is based. The two Scandinavian designers are both into the minimalistic, Nordic design and the finish has to be perfect even in the smallest details. They care about the environment and want to expand the knowledge and activity in slow fashion, sustainability and recycling. But above all that, the unique design comes first. Through the core values, Nôrd by Nôrd wants to reach out to existing as well as possible customers with these exclusive products to create more awareness and activity in improving the conscious mind in fashion.